Automatic rolling welder for steel frame of electric pole

Automatic rolling welder for steel frame of electric pole

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New bearings are used for the support of roll welding cylinder and material tray, which are compact in structure and beautiful in appearance, so that the conductive circuit is shortened and the conductive performance of the device is improved. The old-fashioned structure of supporting and driving with supporting wheel is discarded, and the large bearing support and gear transmission technology is adopted.
All-Chinese man-machine interface and all-digital intelligent control technology is adopted.
Controlled by frequency conversion, convenient adjustment, energy-saving.  As long as press that start button, the welding process can be automatically completed, saving manpower and improving the efficiency.
The welding process can be freely paused, the position of the main engine,and the tray and the trolley can be adjusted in the paused state. There is no need to calculate the amount of advance and lagging after restart. The whole set of parts of the material tray (relative to the old-fashioned supporting wheel, hanging wheel, rubber ring and material tray) will never wear out, saving the expenses for customers.
The welding arm structure shall be the industrial straight guide rail, which runs more smoothly, and can realize the close tracking with the variable diameter mechanism, thus eliminating the phenomenon of missing welding. 
The variable diameter mechanism shall be the industrial guide rail and rack-and-pinion transmission, with smaller error and more stable transmission.
Copper alloy conductive ring made of red copper alloy is used, with the properties of good conduction and wear resistance, and the conductive shaft made of red copper alloy has high conductive efficiency.
The trolley returns quickly, improves efficiency and automatically dismounts the cage. 
▲Technical parameters:
1. Specification of welded frame 90 series, 230 series, 270 series, 310 series 7M-15M
2, Length of welded steel bar frame 7M-15M
3. Number of longitudinal steel bar 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20
4, Diameter of longitudinal steel bar ø10, ø12, ø14, ø16
5, Diameter of of spiral wire ø3.5-ø6
6, cage pitch 0-150mm
7, Linear velocity of welding MAX3000mm/min
8, driving power 8.4KW
9, welding power 200KVA
10, Main engine speed 0-64 rev / min
11, control mode, automatic control
12, Power supply of welder 380V ± 5% 50HZ

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