Automatic rolling welder for steel frame of pipe pile

Automatic rolling welder for steel frame of pipe pile

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New bearings are used for the support of roll welding cylinder and material tray, which are compact in structure and beautiful in appearance, so that the conductive circuit is shortened and the conductive performance of the device is improved. The old-fashioned structure of supporting and driving with supporting wheel is discarded, and the large bearing support and gear transmission technology is adopted.
All-Chinese man-machine interface and all-digital intelligent control technology is adopted.
It integrates the main engine, trolley, jogging control of tray, and output counting functions.
48 specification parameter of welding cage can be preset and directly selected without commissioning.
The welding process can be freely paused, the position of the main engine,and the tray and the trolley can be adjusted in the paused state.There is no need to calculate the amount of advance and lagging after restart.
The face plate of main machine is driven by belt, with small equipment noise and stable operation.
▲ Dimension:
Size of steel bar perforating machine: 2650*2000*1100 (L*W*H)
Size of feeder: 14800*1250*760 (L* W*H )
▲Mechanism parts:
• Feeding drive
• Frequency converter is used to control the motor to drive;
• Separating chains ensure the accurate counting and positioning of the feeding.
▲Axis of steel bar perforating position:
• The servo shaft control system manufactured by Inovance is adopted, in combination with the high-precision rack, to ensure that the positioning accuracy is within 0.1mm.
• Absolute encoder is used in servomotors to ensure accurate position recording in case of power failure.
▲Control of steel bar perforating;
• Cylinder pressure-maintaining and double roller clamping can effectively reduce the swing of steel bar at the premise of ensuring the accurate steel bar perforating.
• The servo shaft control system manufactured by Inovance is adopted to control the speed and length of  perforated steel bar.
▲ Switching of steel bar:
• Maximum four steel bars can be taken when reclaiming. 10-12 steel bars can be perforated per hour of a 12-meter steel bar cage, which greatly shortens the equipment pick-up and placing time.
• Four groups of cylinders cooperate with each other, coordinate actions, and switch steel bars in the process of perforating, which greatly improves the efficiency of steel bar perforating.
• The feeding platform shall cooperate with the steel bar perforating upsetting machine to automatically feed and discharge the materials. Steel bar perforating part shall cooperate with the automatic rolling welder. After perforating, the steel bar shall be dragged and placed to the appropriate length for direct rolling welding. 
▲ Electrical control part:
• Required voltage for equipment: 3-phase 380V 60A (3-phase 5-wire system)
The main control system shall be the Inovance H3UPLC. Cooperated with Inovance man-machine interface, settings of various parameters, formula collection or retrieval, and switching of various practical modes can be conducted.
▲ Precautions of equipment installation:
1. Confirm that the installation personnel have completed operation training and have relevant qualifications.
2. Confirm that the main supply voltage is three-phase 380V, and ensure that the neutral and ground wires are strictly distinguished and the conduction is good.
3. Confirm that the supply phase sequence and zero connection sequence are in accordance with the equipment requirements.
4. Confirm that the equipment is connected to the air source and the air pressure value is in the range of 0.4 ~ 0.6MPa.
5. Confirm whether the equipment is fixed and stable, whether bolts are loosened at the joints of various parts, and whether the machine head is obviously shaking. 
6. Please place the each mechanism in positions accurately according to the arrangement drawing to ensure that the relevant mechanisms are in good level and corresponding accurately, with no deviation, no included angle and no floor hanging.
7. Before the equipment is put into operation, reduce the running speed of each motor and carry out manual test several times.
▲Technical parameters:
1. Diameter of welding frame: ø250 ~ ø1200, (can be customized according to requirements of users)
2. Length of welded steel frame: 4M-15M (Can be customized according to requirements of users)
3. Number of longitudinal steel bar: 6,7,10,12,14, (can be customized according to requirements of users)
4. Diameter of longitudinal steel bar: ø7.1 m ø9.0mm, ø10.7mm, ø12.6mm
5. Diameter of spiral wire: ø4-ø6
6. Distance of spiral wire: 0-100mm
7. Drive power: 8.4KW-15.2KW
8. Welding power: 200KVA-300KVA
9. Control mode: Microcomputer

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