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Design and application of special crane for pipe pile

Design and application of special crane for pipe pile

2019-10-01 15:10
In recent years, China has accelerated the pace of machine substitution in the traditional production industry. It is indispensable to configure special cranes for pipe pile production in the process layout of concrete pipe pile production lines. The special crane for pipe pile production adopts the form of double-beam double-car bridge crane, and the automatic clamp lifting beam is suspended under the hook. For the characteristics of the working condition of the pipe pile production, the crane should meet the requirements of the working condition in the design.
I. Working conditions and technical parameters
The production of concrete pipe piles is generally uninterrupted production of three shifts. The noise and humidity of the production workshop are large, the ambient temperature of the steaming workshop is high, and the production efficiency of the assembly line is relatively high. Taking into account the efficiency factor, the crane driver is more eager to operate, often adopting the braking mode of the reverse running of the big car running mechanism, and the reliability of the equipment including the crane is high, no fault is allowed, and once the fault occurs, the whole production line It will be awkward. The versatility, safety reliability and service life requirements of the automatic clamps are relatively high. The usual pipe pile diameter is φ400~φ800mm, the length of the pipe pile is 10~15m, the pipe piles are more specifications, and the automatic clamp requires the production of common pipe piles of various specifications. . At the same time, the automatic clamp hoisting beam runs three-dimensionally with the crane in the workshop. It is required that the automatic fixture must be safe and reliable when moving the clamped pile mold. The automatic fixture should not be opened in the air to avoid accidents. The automatic fixture lifting beam should be able to accurately position the mold in the running direction of the cart. It is not allowed to automatically clamp the front and rear of the lifting beam when the cart is parked, which makes it difficult for the automatic fixture to quickly locate and clamp the mold. According to the characteristics of working conditions, the main technical parameters of the crane are: QE double-car bridge crane, the working level of the whole machine should be A7~A8, the operation mode is indoor operation, and the lifting weight can be selected according to the quality of “pipe pile + tube mold” 8t+ 8t, 10t+10t, 16t+16t, 20t+20t, lifting speed is 13~15m/min, car speed is 30~45m/min, and the speed of the cart is 110~120m/min. Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of a special crane for pipe pile production.
Second, design points
2.1 Lifting mechanism
When selecting the hoisting motor, the actual operating conditions of high ambient temperature, high humidity, and mechanical working level M7~M8 should be considered. The hoisting motor must be calculated by heat check. When selecting the hoist reducer, the characteristics of frequent starting and braking of the mechanism should be considered. The hardened gear reducer should be used. The radial load of the reducer, the input power of the high speed shaft and the output torque of the low speed shaft are at the working level M7~M8. Need to meet the requirements. Since the outer surface of the low-speed shaft end of the hard-tooth reducer is generally 42CrMo, the material of the inner ring of the reel engaged with the outer gear of the low-speed shaft end of the reducer should be matched with ZG42CrMo, and usually the crane is lifted in the reel. The toothed disc is made of ZG340-640. If the ZG340-640 is still used for the internal gear plate of the hoisting drum of the special pile crane production, the wear amount will exceed the normal value after the use, and a broken tooth accident will occur.


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