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Modification and Application of Automatic Control System for Pipe Pile Pumping Fabric

Modification and Application of Automatic Control System for Pipe Pile Pumping Fabric

2019-10-01 10:42
As the country's requirements for safety, environmental protection and energy conservation become more and more strict, precast concrete pipe pile production enterprises are also actively seeking safer, greener and more energy-efficient production methods. Cloth is the intermediate link in the production of pipe piles, which restricts the progress of cage processing and pipe pile mold centrifugation. Therefore, the strict implementation of the cloth process is particularly important. Under this circumstance, the traditional fabric method is technically modified, and the concrete pump is used for automatic fabric, which not only saves labor, improves the production environment, reduces the loss, but also can strictly carry out the fabric according to the process requirements, thereby achieving the purpose of improving the quality of the control. Provide technical support for production activities.
First, the situation before the transformation
In the traditional cloth-laying method of concrete pipe piles, it is common to use the cloth before the mold clamping. First, the concrete is poured into the bottom mold by the feeder, and then the mold is closed. This method mainly has the following problems:
(1) The material of the traditional feeder is affected by the equipment and materials. It is impossible to accurately pour all the concrete into the bottom mold according to the requirements. The ground in the cloth area will be scattered with many stones, which will affect the working environment.
(2) The concrete slump is small, and the concrete filling rate in the pipe pile mold is high. It is necessary for the mold clamping staff to shovel and grout many times in order to make the concrete piled evenly in the pipe pile mold, which causes great work intensity for the employees.
(3) The manual operation of the cloth method cannot guarantee the product quality, and the production process control is difficult.
2.2 Technical requirements
(1) After the pipe pile is used, the concrete distribution in the pipe pile mold is uniform.
(2) The accuracy of measuring the weighing of flat cars and the stability of operation need to be guaranteed.
(3) Effective linkage control is required between the metering flat car, the system console and the concrete conveying equipment.
(4) When the support of the concrete conveying pipe is lifted, the weighing system measurement cannot be affected.
(5) The metering flat car needs to be able to carry a weight of 20t, the speed of 50Hz operation is not less than 35m/s, and the speed is adjustable.
(6) There are no less than 20 kinds of pipe pile fabrics stored in the control system.
(7) The system has modification authority, and only the manager can modify the process parameters.
(8) The system has information related to the display of the fabric process, the cloth process can be displayed online in real time, and the production record can be saved, viewed online and printed.


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