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IMG  Taizhou Sky-ocean Technology Co.,Ltd. is specialized in the design, production and transformation of supporting equipment for pipe pile. The company has successively developed Automatic rolling welder for steel frame of pipe pile; Automatic rolling welder for steel frame of square pile; Automatic rolling welder for steel frame of electric pole; High-strength steel bar upsetting machine; High-strength steel bar cut machine; Automatic heading feeding support, Automatic tensioner and other pipe pile and Special equipment for electric pole. Through continuous improvement and improvement, we have achieved the leading position in product digital control, human-machine interface, frequency conversion technology, module control, energy-saving transformation, technological innovation and other aspects of the industry. We also obtain a number of first patent technology in this industry and have become an enterprise integrating energy-saving, design and transformation. Today, with the soaring of energy prices, energy conservation and consumption reduction has become an imperative trend. The continuous pursuit of technology and improvement of product quality can provide customers with efficient, energy-saving and high-reliability products, bring more economic benefits for customers, but also determine our own technical, energy-saving and environmental advantages in the industry. Based on the tenet of Quality-oriented & Practicality-firs and relying on the products with High-quality & Competitive price; Easy to use and Reliability and the professional services, we have won the trust of users at home and abroad. Users come from Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia and other Asian states and many countries in Africa.

Address:No.69-5, Century Avenue, Jiulong Town, Hailing District, Taizhou City.

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About us









Add:No. 69-5, Century Avenue, Jiulong Town, Hailing District, Taizhou City

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